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Privacy Policy

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My name is Gavin Dudeney and you can contact me here. Comments, user accounts and media uploads are all disabled on this site, so it doesn’t actually collect any information about you, other than that sent to Google Analytics so I can see who visits the site [ in general terms – e.g. country, city – rather than any personal information ].

If you use the contact form to contact me, I will assume ‘informed consent’ to contact you back, but won’t hold on to your email address after that, nor pass it on to anyone else.

If you are a MAC member and use the provided password to access the MAC page, this site will set a temporary cookie which lasts for 30 minutes and is then deleted – after that you will need to enter the password again. That cookie contains no personal information about you either.

Basically, this site is simple and is not in the business of harvesting information for any use whatsoever.